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the party barn

On this project, our clients asked us to help them breathe new life into an old barn on their property.  The existing 2,300 square-foot wooden structure offered plenty of unique character and enough space for eight horses, but the new homeowners were better known for hosting a stable of more than forty guests on the holidays! 


Inspired by the existing architecture, we set out to help them re-envision a vast space, worthy of a Yellowstone set, for entertaining friends and family. Now perfect for a family that loves hosting, the party barn's rustic style can absorb a crowd and take a bit of wear and tear. Aside from the unfussy rust-colored concrete flooring, the space is cloaked in reclaimed wood. “The building wraps itself around you because of the warm tones,” notes Kristen Martone.


A floor-to-ceiling custom stone fireplace and large overhead lights maintain the barn’s rustic ambiance and suit the vast scale of the room and lofted ceilings.  Comfortable seating areas and entertainment zones feature a restaurant-quality bar, spaces for conversation, dining, and plenty of room to dance. And for sunny days, oversized rolling barn doors offer a connection to an outdoor patio and kitchen.  




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