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the pond house

Located on the southern coast of Rhode Island, Potter’s Pond is one of nine coastal lagoons referred to as “salt ponds” by locals.  In our on-going work with Sweenor Builders, we provided design consultation services on the renovation of this special private waterfront estate to improve views, streamline rooflines, introduce a cupola and stone chimney, and modernize windows and interior amenities. 


A new interior design offers flexible one-floor living, giving new homeowners the option to age-in-place and the ability to take advantage of operating cost efficiencies during quieter winter months.   The home’s layout also makes it a breeze to extend to the second floor, welcome multiple generations for the holidays or summer fun. Classic furniture, custom woodwork, and a neutral color palette create the perfect backdrop for the homeowners' extensive Audubon print collection and the home's sweeping natural vistas.    


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